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\in-ˈflek-shən\ – a change in curvature; a change in form; a change in pitch or tone

As an organization mature, it addresses  changes and “inflexions” during its lifecycle. We helps organizations strategize and navigate through these inflexion points utilizing a holistic approach – looking at people, process, technology, and policy/governance changes required to better deliver services to customers, improve operational wellness, and/or maximize stakeholder value.

Philosophy: We understand change can be uncomfortable and daunting. Thus, we believe at the core of any successful change is flexibility. Without it, an organization cannot adapt or maneuver through changes effectively or efficiently. Our solutions embrace flexibility, innovation, and agility, and we partner with our customers to help them “stretch” beyond their comfort zone in order to become more open to positive changes.

About Us: Inflexion is a minority owned, small business. Founder and CEO, Jennifer Yang, has almost 20 years of strategy, management, and technology consulting experience working with CXO-level stakeholders at large commercial companies, start-up ventures, and Federal agencies to improve their organizational strategies, mission critical processes, and technology investments. For more information, contact us at info@inflexioninc.com.